Company Information

AXET RE is an International Company that provides top of the line Real Estate Investment Services. We develop and manage distinctive lifestyle properties, all over the world, being in touch with a wide range of markets.

With unparalleled level of market insight and expertise, Axet RE has built its reputation on the ability to uncover prime real estate deals long before they reach the open market. Distinguished by its track record of deal-making by the most seasoned core of real estate professionals, Axet serves Europe’s most prominent real estate families, institutions and investors.

Our main focus is to optimize the return on your investment while providing attention and care your property deserves. With our persistent hard-line marketing strategies you will come to fully appreciate the immense financial rewards.

Headquartered in Switzerland, we offer a wide range of commercial real estate services including Brokerage, Development, Property Management and Special Programs like Retire Rich in Tuscany and our Investment Coaching Program.

Since 2006, we have built long-term relationships with our clients by demonstrating an outstanding level of service, professionalism and results.

"Life is a Long Run"

Axet RE is the company you need to create and to manage your investment in Real Estate. If you are a new investor in Real Estate, Axet RE can assist you in every single step. And, if you are a long time investor, you will appreciate for sure Axet RE opportunity. For Axet Team is important to develop the partnership with clients.

Axet Real Estate Management has international offices in Lugano, Milan, New York, Bucharest and Sofia.


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