Retire Rich in Tuscany

RRIT is our Top Program of Vacation Home Ownership & Rental Program. You will experience your Tuscan paradise in Chianti, Firenze and the Versilia Riviera and receive King Treatment at Axet Real Estate. Vacation rentals at condominiums and beach houses provide the setting for romance, museums, Tuscan historical re-enactments like the world famous Palio then you can always indulge with golf, fishing, dining, shopping, concerts, and nature preserves.

Firenze, Chianti and Versilia are the most family-oriented resort communities in the world, with strong connections to the amazing beauty of the natural surroundings which you will experience during typical village feasts. Once you experience this paradise, the next logical step is property ownership.

Axet RE is the most recognized brand in real estate and our friendly, professional sales associates are experienced at providing you with all the possible options to make your dreams a reality. The well-appointed countryside and beach-front houses offer a variety of possibilities, whether you are looking for vacation rental property or a second home. Other residential choices are conveniently located near golf courses, parks, bike trails and a variety of recreational facilities.


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