Investment Sales

The Axet RE extensive experience and knowledgeable staff place clients in a position to succeed by providing expert counsel on acquisitions and disposal of properties, financial analysis, legal and tax issues, property transactions, mortgage placement and property and asset management.
Our main focus is to optimize the Return On Your Investment while providing attention and care your property deserves. With our persistent hard-line marketing strategies you will come to fully appreciate the immense financial rewards.
Our clients benefit from operations, policies and a culture that are specifically designed to maximize value for each property with the highest degree of professionalism.
While many established property markets in countries all over the world are experiencing a slowdown as of late and even outright stagnation in some cases, our properties in Tuscany experience a continuous growth while new markets are emerging in East Europe to take their place. AXET RE provides a full range of Real Estate Services:

  • Retire Rich in Tuscany
  • Axet Investor’s Coaching Program
  • Real Estate Development & Project Management
  • Personal Consulting
  • Residential and Commercial Property Management
  • Real Estate Investing using your Retirement

"Our focus is increasing your property value"


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