Message from CEO

Luigi Foscale is the Chief Executive Officer of AXET RE.

A message from the CEO

Our mission is to help our clients create and preserve wealth by providing the best real estate investment sales, financing, research and advisory services available.

“Years of hard work is the key to success” (Luigi Foscale)

Luigi Foscale
President / Chief Executive Officer
message from ceo Luigi Foscale

Throughout our history, we have dedicated ourselves to developing the expertise of a true specialist and providing value-added services. As one of the most dynamic European company specializing in real estate investment services, we still focus on maximizing value for the owner.

Our commitment to achieving the best results for each client is evident in our unequaled range of services, including our Investor’s Coaching Program the industry’s most powerful real estate training platform, comprehensive of capital market solutions, market research and advisory services.

We have built a company driven by long-term client relationships that usually turns into long term partnerships as here at Axet we consider our clients as our partners and not as simple customers as they participate to our investment meetings and to all our other Real Estate Investment events.

Our services are customized and personalized to meet the diverse needs of private investors, developers, lenders and institutions, delivered through the most important aspect of our business-local market expertise.

We invite you to learn how we can combine the industry’s most agile system of marketing and financing real estate with cutting-edge research and advisory services to help you achieve your goals today and for years to come.


Luigi Foscale

Axet RE



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