AXET Specialization


Scouting of Best Deals

The Axet RE has long lasting track record in scouting best investments. A deep connection into the streets of business, give Axet the key success factor to find the best opportunity on the market. In doing business, the first point is "Buy Well" as CEO Luigi Foscale always says. Contact us and ask for the best investments on the market.

Investment Sales

The Axet RE extensive experience and knowledgeable staff place clients in a position to succeed by providing expert counsel on acquisitions and disposal of properties, financial analysis, legal and tax issues, property transactions, mortgage placement and property and asset management. Our main focus is to optimize the Return On Your Investment while providing attention and care your property deserves. With our persistent hard-line marketing strategies you will come to fully appreciate the immense financial rewards.

Property management

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional property management services while establishing and maintaining an excellent relationship with our residents, owners and investors. We develop solid financial bases for our investors and owners by continually monitoring and challenging financial results and maintaining and improving the physical structure of each property. In all areas of property management, we work to integrate creative and innovative means by which to achieve success.


Efficient and accurate financial management and reporting is essential to successful Real Estate management. To this end AXET RE has made a significant investment to develop the most effective financial reporting systems. Our operation team is equipped with the latest technology, and we constantly upgrade for maximum efficiency providing faster response to financial inquiries and more effective reporting systems. We provide our customers with customized financial information in comprehensive, understandable formats that provide an accurate picture of the financial condition of the property.

"Our Specialty is turn your dreams into reality"


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