Our Vision

Everything we do is focused on the ultimate goal of maximizing our partners' cash flow and increasing the net value of their investments as if we own it. From marketing to accounting to maintenance issues, we develop a customized plan for each partner and each property. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have developed with our partners as well as the stability of our staff.

Starting from our CEO, our management has a detailed knowledge of every property we oversee.

"We are in period of great opportunities, but it is harder to find them. For this reason, Axet RE is the partner for creating value in your portfolio. Every single day, Axet RE is searching for you, the best on the market. You can contact  your Axet Partner and ask for something interesting with a daily frequence. Furthermore in this period, it is extremely important you to know how to manage your portfolio, directly. By a stadely contact with your Axet Partner, you also learn how to invest your money. Our vision is you to become a rich Real Estate Landlord." (Luigi Foscale).

This knowledge enables us to increase our effectiveness and deliver a high level of personalized service and responsiveness-yielding outstanding results for our owners and their properties. Since 2006, Axet RE has been providing exceptional service for a diverse range of clients. With millions of square feet of income producing property including thousands of apartment units, few firms offer our range of experience.

A relentless attention to performance in a broad array of investment real estate and our unique qualification as an Accredited Management Organization consistently provide excellent results for our clients and tenants. Axet RE’ sophisticated infrastructure of in-house professionals includes attorneys, brokerage and leasing specialists and MIS experts who are all empowered to provide innovative and timely solutions to the most complex real estate challenges.

With a reputation built on integrity and financial stability, Axet RE has evolved into one of Italy’s leading, privately held real estate organizations.


"Become a Rich Real Estate Landlord"


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